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St Canice's Girls' National School, Finglas, Dublin 11

New Teacher, New Class, Same School.

20th Oct 2021

Hi there and welcome to room 21 and 6th class! 

I have based this blog about coming back to school and what has happened during the start of the school year.

Firstly, I will tell you about myself and my class. My name is Eve and I am 11 years old, almost 12! And I LOVE animals!!

There are 21 girls in our class, it was 20 before the second week in September when our friend Ghala joined our class. She came from Saudi Arabia and while it must have been scary for her to come into our class, she has settled right in and it feels as if she’s been with us since Junior Infants. Fun fact Ghala is now the oldest girl in our class – sorry Aoife!!

Ok I think that’s mostly it, I’m going to tell you about things we have learnt and things that have happened during since September.

In my opinion I was pretty nervous about going back to school. I had to change my whole timetable and schedule and had heard a tonne of rumours about 6th class and how hard it was. So if you think about it, it was nerve wracking.

I was so excited to see my school friends when we were coming back from the summer holidays! It was super awkward at the start of the day as we could tell everyone was nervous!! - Then as soon as we all started talking we remembered how fun it was here! Our teacher Mr. O Callaghan is very nice.

At the start of the year we learned a lot about Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement in the USA. We looked at the impact that segregation had on the lives of black people in America as well and watched YouTube clips of their peaceful protests turning violent when the police and white people attacked the demonstrators. We also talked about how we have moved on as a society since those days but also realising racism is still found everywhere in the world today. I found that super interesting.

We also learned about the tragic 9/11 attacks. This year marked the 20th anniversary of the attacks. We looked at the timeline of the events as well as watching clips of the events unfolding. We all found it hard to believe that the events of that day are still felt right to today.

On the following Tuesday we started going on bikes with the Doctor Bike team of Eoin and Amanda. We are learning to cycle and to cycle safely on the road. One of our friends Ruby even learnt how to cycle – GO RUBY!!

In the middle of all this we also had ‘Friendship Week’ and ‘Compliments Week.’ It’s good to refresh on the qualities that make a good friend. We each had a secret friend’ that we had to try and be extra nice too which in our class isn’t too difficult as we’re all great friends!

During compliments week our teacher gave us pieces of paper. We each had one piece for each girl in the class. The idea was that we would give every girl in the class a compliment, place it in the complements bucket and at the end of the week we would get to read to complements our friends wrote about us. We made individual collages of our complements which was a really nice thing to do.

We got a new teacher, Mr. Fitzgerald for a few weeks. We had a lot of fun with him especially in PE and Gaeilge. On his last day we did a table quiz and we all really enjoyed that!

We learnt a tonne about Anne Frank and her time in the secret annexe. We looked at how her and her family survived in hiding for two years and how she wrote in her diary as if she was speaking to a friend. It is crazy to think that even after 75 years her diary still has such an impact on people around the world. I really enjoyed learning about that!

Mr. O’Callaghan also started our class novel with us, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne. We’re only a few chapters in but I’m really enjoying it so far.

We are learning new and fun things everyday and continue to have fun.

We’ll have to end this blog here I really hope you enjoyed hearing about what we’ve been learning and continuing to learn about. Check out the pictures of us and some of our work so far below.

Bye for now!

Eve and all in room 21!!