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St Canice's Girls' National School, Finglas, Dublin 11

Healthy Eating Policy

All the children and adults in St. Canice’s GNS are very aware and conscious about healthy eating. We use the food pyramid as our guide.


We ask that children do not bring the following food items to school:

Cereal Bars                          Lunchables

Fruit Winders                        Popcorn / Crisps

Chocolate                             Chocolate Spread

Biscuits                                Chewing Gum

Sweets                                 Fizzy Drinks

Flavoured milk            Chocolate / Dessert yogurts

Chocolate Rice Cakes                   Flap jacks

All of what is listed above contains a large amount of sugar


For health reasons no children are allowed to bring any nuts or products containing nuts as part of their lunch. We realise that nuts are very healthy for us all to eat however some children in our school have very serious nut allergies and are extremely sensitive to nuts or products containing nuts being present in the classroom or school environment.